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Employment Opportunities

Investment Management Officer

Job Description


Negotiating and undertakes daily transactions to invest the Petroleum Fund’s assets according to the arrangements determined by the Assistant and Chief Investment Manager. Other duties include the following:

  • prepare daily cash forecasts to ensure minimum cash is available for trading, rebalance and transferring funds to external parties;

  • identify all maturing assets that need to be rolled over, and determine the periods for which the assets should be reinvested;

  • call on authorized counterparties to obtain information necessary to the placement of assets;

  • make trades at the best quoted rate, provided that dealing and counterparty limits are not breached;

  • prepare deal tickets or other appropriate documentation on a timely basis for all deals made;

  • prepare appropriate instructions to pay or receive so that the Settlements and Accounting can execute them in a timely manner;

  • to prepare accounting entries as required reflecting the effect of the market values on the values recorded in the primary books of account.

  • to monitor the portfolio weights and undertake necessary rebalancing activities regularly;

  • act upon breaches of exposure and/or counterparty limits by reporting the breach to the Chief Investment Manager, and reversing or hedging the deal if necessary;

  • ensure that the Settlements and Accounting provide verification that all deals have been confirmed, and act to follow up delays in confirmation;

  • constantly monitor changes of interest and exchange rates in the market, or movements in benchmark  indices,  and  identify  transaction  that  may  be  necessary  or  desirable  to rebalance or hedge the Fund’s investment portfolio within the defined risk management framework;

  • reconcile  all  counterpart  bank  balances  every  day,  review  the reconciliations  for outstanding items, and ensure the balances agree with the assumptions underlying cash forecasts;

  • identify counterparties that have failed to pay and prepare claims for value as necessary;

  • review claims on the BCTL for failure to pay lodged by counterparties;

  • assist in the preparation of daily, weekly and monthly management reports on dealing activities according to specific procedures and instructions;

  • To bring to the attention of the immediate supervisor or management all breaches and failures.


The candidate should have at least a degree in accounting, financial management, business administration, numeracy (mathematic and  statistics) or other related field. The candidate should have excellent spoken and written in English and/or Portuguese as well as excellent in Microsoft Word and Excel as a condition. The candidate should have strong interpersonal skills with strong moral character and has good analytical skills.

Report to:

Chief Investment Officer

Minimum Education:

Bachelor's Degree or Higher 

Minimum Experience:

Not a requirement.

Employment Type:

Permanent with 6 months probation

Career Type:


Salary rate:

Minimum $ 522/mo during the probationary period.

Start Date:

1 July 2020

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