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Employment Opportunities

Financial Analyst - Financial Information Unit

Job Description


Analysing financial information assigned by the immediate supervisor and recommending follow-up action. Other duties include the following:

  • Receive, validate and store in the UIF data-base different type of reports from reporting entities;

  • Undertake preliminary analysis on the financial transaction reports and recommend follow up action;

  • Undertake in-depth analysis on the financial information, if required;

  • In closed coordination with IT Assistant, handle data management and maintenance of analytical software system;

  • Prepare periodic statistic data for UIF reports;

  • Identify red flags and typologies for providing guidance to reporting entities to help improve the scope and quality of the financial transaction reports;

  • Performing other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the immediate supervisor or the Executive Director.


The candidate should have a degree in one of the following: Economy, Management, Finance, Accounting, Law, Portuguese or English major or another related field. Minimum of three years working experiences in financial institutions, accounting, audit areas, and law firms. The candidate should have good spoken and written in English and/or Portuguese languages as well as excellent in Microsoft Word and Excel programs as a condition. The candidate should have good analytical skills; good communication skills; interpersonal relationship behavior, teamwork, strong commitment to prioritize work, and strong moral character.

Report to:

Operational Manager, UIF

Minimum Education:

Bachelor's Degree or Higher 

Minimum Experience:

Minimum of 3 years experiences

Employment Type:

Permanent with 6 months probation

Career Type:


Salary rate:

Minimum $ 522/mo during the probationary period.

Start Date:

1 July 2020

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