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Employment Opportunities

Risk Management Officer

Job Description


Monitoring  risks associated with the Petroleum Fund’s assets according to the requirements set by the Chief Risk Manager. Other duties include the following:

  • monitor the mandates of external portfolio managers based on investment guidelines;

  • review the Fund’s needed for cash or short-term liquidity instruments, and to determine how surplus funds should be invested;

  • monitor the inflow of receipts against forecasts and to alert senior management where significant deviations from the forecasted amounts are experienced;

  • develop a credit risk framework, including proposing credit risk limits for placement of funds with qualifying external institutions;

  • monitor  the  portfolios  with  credit  risk,  dealing,  and  other  limits,  and  to  report  on breaches of this limit to BCTL's Management;

  • perform daily market valuation of the actual portfolio;

  • determine the rate of return on the actual and benchmark portfolios daily;

  • assist  in  the  preparation  of  such  reports  as  may  be  required  by the Investment Committee;

  • assist in the preparation of the periodic and annual reports of the Petroleum Fund through the provision of data and commentaries as may be required.


The candidate should have at least a degree in accounting, financial management, business administration, numeracy (mathematic and  statistics) or other related field. The candidate should have excellent spoken and written in English and/or Portuguese as well as excellent in Microsoft Word and Excel as a condition. The candidate should have strong interpersonal skills with strong moral character and has good analytical skills.

Report to:

Assistant Chief Risk Manager

Minimum Education:

Bachelor's Degree or Higher 

Minimum Experience:

Not a requirement.

Employment Type:

Permanent with 6 months probation

Career Type:


Salary rate:

Minimum $ 522/mo during the probationary period.

Start Date:

1 July 2020

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